Voici une vidéo des meilleurs jeux 2D/3D sous Android, sélectionnés par le blog AndroidHD, à avoir si achetez un smartphone cette année…

Spiderman, Asphalt 5, Tiki Golf 3D, Skies of Glory, Need for Speed Shift, Hawk,Raging Thunder 2, Hero of Sparta, Let’s golf 1 & 2, GT Racing: Motor Academy, ExZeus, Home run Battle 3D, FF73D, Dungeon Hunter, Drift Mania, HeavyGunner, Touch Racing Nitro, Pocket Legends, Modern Combat Sandstorm, Reckless Racing, Crazy Snowboard, Burning Tires, Dungeon Defenders, Brothers In Arms 2, Epic truck, Fishing Kings, Jet car stunt, James Cameron’s Avatar, N.O.V.A., Krazy Kart Racing, Backbreaker, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction, Sniper vs sniper, TurboFly 3D, Gangstar West Coast Hustle, Rugby nations 09, Mini gore, toyshop, Real football 210, MS Soccer, Fifa 10, Angry Birds, Oregon Trail, MX moto, RF11, iSink U, Classic Tertris, Million Dollar, Glyder 2, Ninja Kaka, Finger Dance, Dead Runner, Monopoly, Love catch, Hyper jump, Sliceit, UNO, Doodle Bowling, Shoot U!, Castle Warriors.


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