Les derniers jeux développés par Headcannon

Headcannon is a Los Angeles-based software development business founded and run by myself. As a business and a brand, Headcannon is dedicated to working with first- and third-party technologies, as well as other businesses and individuals, to bring high-quality video games and development utilties to all relevant platforms. Headcannon specializes in « retro style » games, such as 2D classics of the 80’s and 90’s, and stands ready to face the challenge of creating fresh, solid « retro » styled or themed games, as well as assisting in the revival of old IP on today’s platforms, with high performance, updated content, and gameplay that is true in form to the original Current first-party technologies include the Headcannon Game Engine, a multiplatform, 2D retro-style engine that will be used to create first-party games, and is available for non-profit use by anyone, as well as being licenseable for other commercial projects.