Sony en parle un tout petit peu

Par Anh Phan le

Alors que les rumeurs font état que ce n’est pas lors du CES 2006 que Sony donnera plus d’infos sur la PS3 que lors de l’E3 2005, Sony vient de mettre à  jour son site dédié au CES 2006 avec une page Playstation et une section PS3. Je cite :

Welcome to the next-generation of computer entertainment, the PLAYSTATION®3. This system is positioned to change the nature of the gaming and entertainment industry forever, incorporating cutting-edge advancements such as the Cell next-generation, high performance processor, the RSX graphics processor and XDR memory. It will also bring Supercomputer-like power in combination with Blu-ray Discâ„¢ ROM (BD-ROM) that will deliver entertainment content in full high-definition (HD) quality. In short, it’s a console that screams digital carpe diem, promising to change the rules once again. And that’s good, because change makes us interesting. It makes us exciting. Its mere unpredictability is the thing that makes us feel alive. And as you can see, change is upon us once again.

Rien de nouveau en fait, dommage.

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