La Playstation 3 console de l’année 2006

Par JDGa le

Pour IGN, la Playstation 3 est la console de l’année qui vient de s’écouler. C’est surtout les promesses du hardware qui les ont séduits. Pour plus d’explications (en anglais), voyez la suite. Oui, flemme de traduire tout à§a, désolé ^^ mais espérons que cela va faire redécoller les ventes aux USA !

Console launch years only come around twice a decade or so, and they’re always guaranteed to be exciting years. The 360 matured dramatically since this time last year and its second-generation titles like Gears of War and CoD3 made the PlayStation 3’s job of shocking the world with its immense power rather difficult.

Nintendo’s Wii launched to massive mainstream applause and a lot of hope has been placed in the potential for gaming innovation via the console’s unique controller. Nintendo disappointed some, however, by choosing not embrace HDTV or to compete with Sony and Microsoft in processing power. The Wii can’t even play normal DVDs.

Judging the consoles based upon a broad perspective that includes software now available and coming in the future an entirely different argument could be formulated. However, from a hardware perspective, the PS3 is by far the more interesting console. Though the launch software hasn’t blown anyone away, the 360’s launch titles were equally unimpressive, and the system will certainly mature. Sony’s embrace of the PS3 as a computer rather than just a console, and the availability of supported Linux distributions for the console will also develop and will likely bear entirely unexpected fruit in future.

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