Cyanogen sort un firmware alternatif pour le Nexus One


Par Gregori Pujol le

Cyanogen qu’on ne présente plus, vient de sortir un firmware alternatif pour le Google Nexus One ! Nommé CyanogenMod 5.0 (version beta), celui-ci optimise le smartphone et rajoute quelques fonctionnalités dont le multitouch dans le navigateur de base ou encore la prise en charge du tethering. Pour plus d’infos, rendez-vous ici.



* Can be used with or without Google applications
* Latest kernel which supports tethering, vpn, and other modules (cifs, nfs, aufs, fuse)
* Clean shudown/startup system
* NO APPS2SD. I’ve implemented a hack that will store the dalvik-cache of system apps in /cache, which saves you ~40MB on /data
* Built in USB tether
* Minor graphical enhancements and an excellent wallpaper by Prash
* ARM NEON optimizations (mostly to the pixelflinger library) which have not been included in the stock build yet
* Includes BusyBox, htop, nano, powertop, openvpn, and all engineering commandline utilities
* Multitouch browser using native API and code from Luke Hutchison. More MT integration coming.
* FLAC audio support from Kenny Root
* Phone enhancements from Cytown
* Perform zipalign-on-install of applications
* DeskClock tweaks- longer autosilence and « require unlock » option
* Compcache is available via Spare Parts, but I don’t recommend it
* Massive APN list
* Huge collection of ringtones and audio
* All available locales are included thanks to PsychoBoy
* Many other bugfixes and tweaks from AOSP contributors

via android-france