webOS 3.0.4 disponible pour la TouchPad !


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Comment ça une mise à jour pour webOS ? Non, vous ne rêvez pas, HP vient de publier une mise à jour pour webOS qui passe...

Comment ça une mise à jour pour webOS ? Non, vous ne rêvez pas, HP vient de publier une mise à jour pour webOS qui passe en version 3.0.4 sur la TouchPad ! Disponible auprès de certains développeurs et utilisateurs, cette mise à jour devrait arriver sur votre appareil si vous vous rendez dans la section Paramètres > Mise à jour du système de votre tablette. Le Change Log est disponible dans la suite…

webOS Platform

* Inline rendering of HTML 5 video is now supported.
* Fixed issue in which a JavaScript timer in one card would be suspended when another card was maximized.
* Improved SDL performance in rotated screen mode.
* Fixed several bugs affecting third-party Synergy applications.
* Enyo Framework
* Fixed problem with DatePicker controls’ returning incorrect date.
* When filling out a form, if the user tabs to a form element behind the keyboard, the scene now scrolls to keep the focused field visible above the keyboard.
* Corrected positioning of selection box displayed in response to a tap and hold on a word.
* RowGroup.destroyControls() is now working properly.
* Fixed issue in which an HtmlContent control inside a Scroller would not prevent links from being followed while scrolling.
* Enyo Applications


* The Browser app now hides the keyboard when the Bookmark pane is shown.
* Fixed an issue in which touch events were not passed correctly to Web sites.


* Contacts synced via a third-party Synergy app can now be deleted after the app itself is deleted.

Location Services

* Google Location Services now work for locations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tools and Installers

* The PalmSDK folder has been reorganized to make docs and samples easier to find.
* palm-emulator no longer displays an error dialog when launching with VirtualBox 4.1.2.
* palm-generate now generates Enyo apps (Mac and Linux only in this build). Note that in generated Enyo apps, the (full) path to enyo.js will need to be specified in index.html in order for the app to load in a desktop browser. For example, on the Mac, this would be “/opt/PalmSDK/Current/share/framework/enyo/1.0/framework/enyo.js”.

Code Samples

The following new code samples have been added:

* Accelerometer – Demonstrates getting accelerometer, shaking, and orientation events.
* InputSample – Integrated the existing multitouch sample.
* Media – Added new Video Object demo, which demonstrates use of an HTML5 video object to play video inline with custom controls and sizing control.
* MediaCapture – Demonstrates the new media capture APIs for sound, video, and images.
* Services – Added Media Indexer sample.
* WebView – Added example of intercepting link clicks and redirecting.
* ZeroConf – Demonstrates the ZeroConf system service. ZeroConf is a discovery protocol that lets you find services on the local network without having to have a directory or DNS listing.


* Fixed bug in which the app, after being launched in Exhibition Mode, could not be relaunched in app mode.


* Fixed db8 schema version issue.
* Known Issues and Limitations
* SDL apps may hang due to problems with polling new sensors.
* SDL apps may crash when blitting to or from a NULL surface. The underlying issue has been identified and will be fixed in the next SDK release.

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