Nouveau firmware et nouvelle interface pour le Meizu M8 !


Par Gregori Pujol le

Meizu vient de sortir un nouveau firmware pour son M8. Nommée, cette version offre une nouvelle interface au smartphone de la marque chinoise, le support des widgets ainsi que plein d’autres nouveautés et corrections (voir dans la suite du billet).


New user interface
Support for widgets on desktop
Drag icon from the desktop to uninstall programs and plug-ins
Holding the M button or sliding down the middle of the title bar now brings up the Task Manager
Slide down the left side of the title bar to switch between running applications
Changed the way copy and paste works
Music player can now auto-download album art
New video playback scaling functionality
New lock screen / double-clicking the M button will pop-up a music player widget
Added video / audio file editing functionality
Additional music, desktop widgets
New transition effects when browsing images
Added the weather app and weather widget
M8 to M8 file transfer through WLAN
Enhancee e-mail functionality (e-mail auto-receive, unread status changes to empty Drafts, e-mail Bcc)
Font settings, themes, and bookmarking added to ebook app
Notepad now has new animations
Added SMS encryption
Improved the efficiency of mass SMS
Added text font features
Added SMS blacklist functionality
MMS support for multi-frame forwarding and audio playback
New call settings: (1) Automatic recording of all calls, (2) Ability to switch off vibrate-on-answer
Added IP dialing function
Contacts with the same name will now be merged
New contact search functionality
Support for international country codes (?)
Province identification of phone calls (China-only)
System settings backup and recovery now includes icons
Added a download management app
Added Mobile QQ (Chinese IM) app
Added MStore app (software download database)

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